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The Icarus Experience

Program Description

Skybound Helicopters utilizes the Icarus Device for instrument training. This device simulates instrument flying conditions and inadvertent instrument meteorological scenarios much more realistically than the traditional foggles or hood used by most flight schools.

Beyond using the Icarus Device for instrument rating training, we utilize the equipment for our commercial helicopter pilots as well. Commercial pilot students are required to obtain instrument time at a minimum of the following:

  • Five hours on the control and maneuvering of a helicopter solely by reference to instruments, using a view-limiting device, including attitude instrument flying, partial panel skills, recovery from unusual flight attitudes, and intercepting and tracking navigational systems.

Benefits to using the Icarus device over the traditional foggles:

  • Allows the instructor to adjust the transparency of the student’s screen, in real time when traditional foggles are completely blacked out.

  • With the instructor being able to control the transparency of the Icarus device, the student is able to experience different IMC/IIMC situations.

  • Allows the instructor to decide at the decision point, whether the student goes on the missed approach, or transitions to visual flight rules continues the approach.

  • Allows the student to simulate sudden entry into bad weather, or other visual obstructions.

  • Allows students to experience spatial disorientation while by reducing the risk of an accident.



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